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NOTICE: Spring 2018-19 is my last semester before retirement, so this website will relocate to another domain by summer 2019. Check back here for updated information or, after that, email (which I will continue to check indefinitely).

Undergraduate Courses

LITR 3301 Literary Studies: Genres & Perspectives

LITR 3731 Creative Writing

Graduate Seminars

LITR 5431 American Literature: Romanticism

LITR 5431 / 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias

LITR 5831 Seminar in World / Multicultural Literature: American Minority

LITR 5831 Seminar in World / Multicultural Literature: Colonial-Postcolonial

LITR 5831 Seminar in World / Multicultural Literature: American Immigrant

LITR 5831 Seminar in World / Multicultural Literature: Tragedy & Africa

LITR 5439 Novellas (in development)

Literature of Space and Exploration
(no longer offered)

Humanities Basic Texts Webpage (materials for instructors and students of HUMN 3031, 3033, & 3035)

Literature Program Webpage

2007 Sigma Tau Delta

White family updates
(21 Sept. 2008; Oct. 4, 2006;
25 Nov., 20 & 5 Oct., 28 Sept. 2005; May 2011)

White Bookblog: "Pilgrims & Sequels"

poetry analysis: pre-AP/AP English vertical team, North Shore Senior High
Friday, 28 October 2011

Introduction to Satire

Writing about Fiction: pre-AP/AP Galena Park ISD

Writing about Literature: pre-AP/Ap Galena Park ISD 9 Nov. 2013

Dr. King's Dream: Same as the American Dream? (UHCL Continuing Education, 3 May 2019)



Lenny & Abbey White
at White House in Seabrook TX

Professor White with book on Fenimore Cooper, author of Last of the Mohicans
Toby White (Professor White's feline counterpart,
serendipitous companion, and intellectual superior
--photo courtesy Bruce McClure)


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