Craig White's Literature Courses

class music


Trip Hop

Mazzy Star, Fade Into You

Massive Attack w/ Hope Sandoval, "Spoils"

Massive Attack, "Teardrop"

Howie B, "Who's Got the Bacon"

Howie B., "Down with the Dawn"

Howie B., "Undercover"

Naked Funk, "Valium"

Portishead, "Sour Times"

Tricky, "Aftermath"

Bowery Electric, "Fear of Flying"

Bowery Electric, "Lushlife"

Bowery Electric, Beat

Bowery Electric (1995)

LaBradford / Stars of the Lid, Kahanek Incident

Stars of the Lid, Broken Harbors, part 3

Stars of the Lid, Tired Sounds

Stars of the Lid, Avec Laudanum

Loscil, Stases

William Basinski, Watermusic II

William Basinski, Silent Night

William Basinski, Disintegration

Deru, 1979

Boards of Canada, Geogaddi

Andy Stott, Faith in Strangers

Andy Stott, Luxury Problems

Sounds from the Ground, London Fields

Sounds from the Ground, Triangle

Sounds from the Ground, Bodega Bay

Sounds from the Ground, Marshmello

Indian Rope Man, 66 Meters

Roots of Dub Funk




Elmore James, "The Sky is Crying"

Elmore James, "It Hurts Me Too"

Skip James, "Hard Time Killin' Floor"

Skip James, "Devil Got my Woman"

Skip James, "Cypress Grove Blues"

Sonny Boy Williamson, "Keep It to Yourself"

Sonny Boy Williamson, "Bye Bye Bird"

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, "Didn't It Rain?"

Sister Rosetta Tharpe, "Trouble in Mind"

Memphis Slim & Sonny Boy Williamson



Ethnic / World Music

Arabic Oud music

William Onyeabor, "Atomic Bomb"

William Onyeabor, "Fantastic Man"



Pozo Seco Singers, "Time"

The Sandpipers, "Guantamera"


Indie Rock

Dandy Warhols, "Fast Driving Rave-Up" 1998



Screaming Lord Sutch, "The Cheat"

Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot, "Bonnie and Clyde"

(Luna, "Bonnie and Clyde")

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, "Some Velvet Morning"


Renaissance / Baroque Music




Couperin Grand Pieces de Viole





Trio Sonatas



Saint-Colombe, Works for Two Bass Viols


Jean-Baptiste Lully


Carolus Harquart, suites for viola de gamba

Baroque French Music for Viola de Gamba

Viola de Gamba--Telemann, Handel, Abel


Thomas Tallis

Best of Tallis


Lute in Italian Renaissance

Palestrina, Pope Marcellus Mass



Man or Astro-Man?

The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex

Happy Fingers
























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