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class music




Arabic Oud music

Dandy Warhols, "Fast Driving Rave-Up" 1998

Screaming Lord Sutch, "The Cheat"

William Onyeabor, "Atomic Bomb"

William Onyeabor, "Fantastic Man"

Mazzy Star, Fade Into You

Massive Attack w/ Hope Sandoval, "Spoils"

Massive Attack, "Teardrop"

Howie B, "Who's Got the Bacon"

Howie B., "Down with the Dawn"

Howie B., "Undercover"

Naked Funk, "Valium"

Portishead, "Sour Times"

Tricky, "Aftermath"

Bowery Electric, "Fear of Flying"

Bowery Electric, "Lushlife"

Bowery Electric, Beat

Bowery Electric (1995)

LaBradford / Stars of the Lid, Kahanek Incident

Stars of the Lid, Broken Harbors, part 3













Jean-Baptiste Lully


Carolus Harquart, suites for viola de gamba

























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