LITR 4328 American Renaissance
Research Option 1 (analytic / research essay)
guidelines and requirements

Option 1 (analytic / research essay) requirements

  • The research essay option involves a more or less "standard College English paper" in which the student analyzes a literary text or texts.
  • The topic is open to any type of literary analysis, but it must have some relevance to the course. That is, a member of the class reading your essay would be able to recognize the relevance of the text or its major themes.
  • Possible topics: tracing in one text, or comparing and contrasting in more than one text the development of a theme, image, symbol, use of language, character type, plot pattern, or conflict.
  • In terms of primary texts, you may choose a text from beyond this course, but if you use more than one primary text, at least one should be from our course readings.
  • In terms of research, you must incorporate references to at least three secondary and background sources--that is, your research sources must include both secondary and background types of research. See Primary, Background, & Secondary Research.
  • Follow MLA style for documentation and mechanics.
  • Length: 7-10 pages + Works Cited
  • Research Requirements: One or two primary sources or texts; at least 3 secondary and background sources (distinction explained below). At least one source should be "print"--i. e., not from the internet. (see note below)