Index to Sample Student final exam answers 2013
(2013 final exam assignment)

Research Reports

LITR 4333    
American Immigrant Literature
(Model Assignments)


Carrie Block, Anzia Yezierska

Cesar Cano, Language: Unifying and Divisive Tool

Helen Duarte, What it means to be Latin American

Tracie Estrada, Who are the Ulster Scots? (Scotch-Irish)

Adam Glasgow, A Serious Paper: Jewish American Identity, Assimilation, and the Coen Brothers

Sarah Gonzalez, Chinese Americans

Chelsea Jones, Mexican Americans: A Diamond in the Rough

Fariha Khalil, Turkish Americans

Baisha Kreuzer, Carlos Bulosan: The Filipino-American Immigrant Experience

Dorothy Noyes, What is "White" and Why?

Carolee Osborne, Feast or Famine (Irish-American immigration)

Brandi Polvado, The Mexican Immigrant Experience in America

Cassandra Rea, Anzia Yezierska: A Diamond in the Rough

Marissa Turner, Birds of Passage (Italian American Immigration)

Kia Vrettos, Greek-American Immigrants