Index to Sample Student final exam answers 2016
(2016 final exam assignment)

Part 3:
Final Research Reports

LITR 4340    
American Immigrant Literature
(Model Assignments)


Chandler Barton, Deutschland Uber Alles; At Least, until it isn’t; A Brief Glimpse at the History of German-Americans . . .

Amber Boone, The Dominant Culture and ‘Whiteness’

Madison Coates, From the Land of the Rising Sun to the Land of the Free: Japanese Immigration to America

Ashley Cofer, Puerto Rican Literature and Nuyoricans

Austin Green, “Superman himself is literally an immigrant.”

Trey Kibodeaux, The Palestinian-American Immigrant Narrative

Alexander Leleux, Stars and Stripes and Fluer-de-lis

Kim Loza, Dancing along the Border

Katie Morin, The Galveston Movement: An Analysis of the Jewish Immigration to Texas

Jennifer Robles, Rocking the Boat with Fresh Off the Boat: An Examination into Asian Immigrancy

Christina Maria Sapp, Der Flug Für Freiheit (The Flight For Freedom)

Zach Thomas, The “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Elizabeth Tinoco, Language Limbo

Jessica Tran, Rebuilding a New Life