LITR 4368
Literature of the Future

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Final Exam Essays 2015

Model Assignments



Sample answers to Essay 1: “future scenarios”

Michael Bradshaw, Technology vs. Community

Karin Cooper, In Denial of the Future

Liz Davis, The Communist Rebellion

Melissa Holesovsky, Tech Teams: High and Low

Sarah Hurt, To Entertain, to Instruct, or Something In-between

Fariha Khalil, Do we Really want a Technologically Advanced Future?

Ozzy Martinez, SciFi Studies

Cynthia Perkins, High Technology: Utopic, Dystopic, or Ecotopic Future?

Victoria Webb, A Cyberonion is Not a Real Onion: High Tech Versus Low Tech Characteristics in Narratives of the Future

Holly Williams, You Can’t Have One Without The Other


Sample answers to Essay 2: Continue Midterm Essay 2: personal / professional interests

Michael Bradshaw, To Struggle is Human

Liz Davis, Technology: Rise of the Machines

Melissa Holesovsky, Could it Happen? Continuing the Question

Sarah Hurt, Connecting with High Tech and Low Tech Fiction

Ashley Idema, Narratives of the Future: Making Women More Badass

Fariha Khalil, The Possible Fates of the Human Race

Oz Martinez, The Singularity and You

Zach Mayfield, A Gendered View of the Apocalypse

Michael McDonald, Visions of What’s To Come

Nicole McDonald, Mountainous Change

Cynthia Perkins, What We Should Have Learned from Mad Max

Kerri Phillip, Finding Hope

Melissa South, Saving Society Continued

Victoria Webb, Evolution of the Future: Too Close for Comfort