LITR 4368
Literature of the Future

Model Assignments

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Final Exam Essays 2017


Sample answers to Essay 1: “future scenarios”
(alphabetical order)

Vaneza M.Cervantes, What Does Your Future Look Like?

Neil LeBoy, Copyrights to the Future

Cynthia Cleveland, Losing Touch

Kerisha Loctor, Imaginative Predictions of our Future

Katie Morin, High- and Low-Tech Realities: A Comparison

Sarah Nava, Ways of Life in High Tech & Low Tech Futures

Anari Oliver, Dissatisfaction in High-Tech Futures: Low-Tech equals comfort

Clark Omo, Tech in Connection: The Similarities of Low Tech, High Tech, and Ecotopias

Laura Wilson, Diametrically in Sync: Sliding Morals in High Tech and Low Tech


Sample answers to Essay 2: Complete Midterm Essay 2 on personal / professional topic
(alphabetical order)  

Kyle W. Abshire, Returning to the Future: Alternative timelines and Their Consequences

Greg Bellomy, Class, Identity, Progress, and the Future

Vaneza Cervantes, Artificial Intelligence: Safe or Dangerous?

Cynthia Cleveland, Take it From the Future (Environment)

JohAnna Hunter, The Rise of Future Literature in the Classroom

Neil LeBoy, Pop the Cornucopian; A Bright Future Awaits

Kerisha Loctor, The Butterfly Effect

Sarah Nava, Disease at World’s End

Clark Omo, The Ally that is the Force: Examining the Moral and Religious Implications in Star Wars

Laura Wilson, Subtle Strength: Female Characterization by Women in Literature of the Future

Sample answers to Essay 3: Web Highlights

Greg Bellomy, Learning from Others

Vaneza Cervantes, The Truth of Women in Sci-Fi

Cynthia Cleveland, High-Tech, Low-Tech, Both

Kerisha Loctor, Technology and the Future

Sarah Nava, Getting to the Final Destination

Laura Wilson, The High in the Low: Highlights of the High and Low Tech