LITR 4368 Literature of the Future 

(2017 midterm assignment)

Model Assignments

Index to model student
midterm answers 2017
(alphabetical order)


Essay 1: Compare, contrast, and evaluate Narratives of the Future

Kyle W. Abshire, Narratives of the Future: Three Forms of Story Telling

Greg Bellomy, Future Narratives: Comparisons and Contrasts

Tanner House, Comparative Futures

Kerisha Loctor, Three Perspectives: Narratives for the Future

Katie Morin, Destiny Defined: Analyzing Narratives of the Future

Sarah Nava, Working Together to Find a Future

Anari Oliver, The Three Narratives in a Nutshell

Clark Omo, Futuristic Anxieties: Examining the Exploration of Fear and Anxiety in Literature of the Future

Essay 2: Begin Research & Reading Essay on personal / professional topic of your choice (to be extended in final exam) 

Greg Bellomy, Wells and Butler Talk Class, Identity, and the Future

Cynthia Cleveland, Water Over Gold

Tanner House, Artificial Extinction

Neil LeBoy, Come Together or Fall Apart

Katie Morin, The Face of the Future: Octavia Butler

Sarah Nava, Disease at World’s End

Clark Omo, Is There Still a God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away?



Essay 3: Web Highlights

Kyle Abshire, Literature of the Future: Knowledge in speculation of what’s to come

Greg Bellomy, Learning From Others

Vaneza Cervantes, A Look Within

Tanner House, The Disconnect of Interconnected Futures

Kerisha Loctor, Merging of Future Narratives

Katie Morin, Forms of the Future: An Analysis of Three Alternative Future Essays

Anari Oliver, Oh, Men will be men!

Clark Omo, Highlighting the Highlights: Narratives Explored in Literature of the Future