LITR 4368 Literature of the Future 

(2019 midterm assignment)

Model Assignments

Index to model student
midterm answers 2019
(alphabetical order)


Essay 1: Compare, contrast, and evaluate Narratives of the Future

Oneydy Alonzo, Change and Choice

Kimberly Berlin, The Ouroboros Future

Ruth Brown, The Paths of the Future

Eileen Burnett, Breaking It Down: The Narratives That Move Us

Brandon Burrow, Apocalypse Now or Later: 3 Narratives of the Future and How they Interconnect

Sage Butler, Examining the Narratives of the Future

Christopher Carlson, The Holy Trinity: An Examination of the Three Types of Future Literature

Zachariah Gandin, The Patterns of the Future

Essay 2: Begin Research Report on personal / professional topic of your choice (to be extended in final exam) 

Kimberly Berlin, Humans are Space Orcs: A Subgenre of Science Fiction

Eileen Burnett, Itís a Brave New World: Eco fiction in the 21st century

Brandon Burrow. Whose Future is it Anyway?

Sage Butler, Blessed Be the Fruit

Christopher Carlson, Humanityís Extinction: The Loss of the Human form for the Artificial One

Timothy Doherty, H. G. Wells and the Upside of Annihilation

Heidi Kreeger, The Importance of Being Earnest: Using Literature to Combat Climate Change NOW

Audrey Lange, Philology of the Future: Linguistics and Apocalyptic Anthropology

D'Layne Lee, Symbolism in the Garden

Essay 3: Web Highlights

Kimberly Berlin, Awe and Imminent Doom

Ruth Brown, The Future is Personal

Eileen Burnett, Blinded by the Light: How Narratives of the Future Animate our Hidden Fears

Sage Butler, Is It the End of the World as We Know It?

Christopher Carlson, To see or not to see: A look to the past to brighten our future

Zachariah Gandin, Exploration into Humanity

Heidi Kreegeer, Art Imitates Life: Duality in Futuristic Literature and the Human Condition

Audrey Lange, Solipsism & You: A Post-Apocalyptic Guide

Jacob O. Logan, Religion Is All Around Us

Beau Manshack, A Glimpse into the Past to Predict the Future

Breanna Runnels, Transitions of Science Fiction