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Essay 2: Personal / professional research topic proposal

LITR 4368
Literature of the Future  

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Zach Thomas

Essay 2: Low-Tech Post-Apocalypse


          From the narratives of the future we have discussed in class, I am drawn to the concept of low-technology in the crises of humanity. For one, low-tech brings to light the closeness of destruction when narratives composed upon this are felt as only a few years from present-day. This use of low-tech, as opposed to high-tech, creates a more fearful reality in the mind of the reader or viewer. Guns, nuclear bombs, devastation, and famine are all low-tech aspects of the culture we see today. So, reading about the future with these elements allows me to be more enticed and in tune with the progress or the de-evolution of humanity.


          To start the research, I would first begin at early literature that describes low-tech and post-apocalyptic worlds. I would then hopefully compare/contrast varying qualities of these narratives to deduce why this is popular among so many readers. Not wanting to just stay stagnant in literature, Iíll search for ways to include video games, movies, and current events that relate to an apocalypse in the present-age. My goal is that I grow in knowledge of ways in which people find themselves addicted to zombies and other catastrophes that reveal deeper questions of morality, civility, and religion.