(2016 premidterm assignment)

Index to model student premidterm answers 2016

(alphabetical order)

LITR 4368  
Literature of the Future 

Model Assignments


Essay 1: Compare, contrast, and evaluate Narratives of the Future

Tom Britt, A Gift to the Dead and a Warning to the Living

Kimberly Hall, The Power of Three

Marion Johnson, The Future: Three Different Visions

Nikki Jones, The Three Narratives: Hand-in-Hand

Timothy Morrow, Apocalypse Near: Analyzing the Narrative of Decline in Science Fiction

Zach Thomas, Where is Humanity?

Christa Van Allen, Telling Tales of Tomorrow


Essay 2: Isolate a personal/professional topic in our course or readings (to be extended in final exam) 

Tom Britt, Scotty, Beam Me Up

Taylor Fraze, All in the Perspective

Kimberly Hall, Back to the Future

Marion Johnson, The Rise of A.I.

Nikki Jones, Science Fiction: A Tangible Future?

Timothy Morrow, All Lilies Wither: Analyzing Violence towards Women in Science Fiction

Mark Stapelfeldt, Humanity Recalled

Zach Thomas, Low-Tech Post-Apocalypse

Christa Van Allen, Singularity and Empathy