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Model Student Pre-midterm answers 2017 (Index)

Essay 2: Propose topic for research and reading essay on personal / professional topic of your choice

LITR 4368
Literature of the Future  

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Stephanie Matlock

Low-Tech Dystopia

          I have always been aware of the themes concerning low-tech dystopias from reading books, playing video games, and watching movies. After discussing the three narratives of the future in class, it makes me want to learn more about them. People are consumed with power in a dystopian environment and the poor and immigrants were treated as being less than human. Like in Parable of the Sower, lower-class citizens of all ages had to fight for their lives in a dog-eat-dog world where murder and rape has become a normal occurrence.

          I will first look at some literature that involves post-apocalyptic settings for my research. I will try to identify the narratives used in them and compare each one of them. I can even look at some movies like “Children of Men” on what moralities in low-tech societies will be like. I am also familiar on post-apocalyptic video games which involves zombies and I will research them on why they became so popular.