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Essay 2: Propose topic for research and reading essay on personal / professional topic of your choice

LITR 4368
Literature of the Future  

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Anari Oliver

The Importance of Women in Apocalyptic Writing

For my research portion of this assignment, I plan to get a little more personal and touch basis on the “importance of women” in apocalyptic writings. I think the best way to approach this topic would be to observe many different apocalyptic stories, and compare the roles of women in each reading. “How did a woman’s role impact or effect the apocalypse in this particular novel or movie?” This will be one of the main questions that I will try to answer because I believe that it will open the floor for more discussion as the essay progresses. Many stories dealing with an apocalypse and evolution usually focus on the role of the men in a male dominated society. The book of Genesis in the bible kind of pointed this out since Adam was the first man, and without him and his ribs, a woman couldn’t have been created. The disobedience of a woman is what many people remember from the particular book, which is somewhat demonizing. Often times we see women being put on the backburner, sexualized, and subjected to violence in this genre of literature.

          As far as the reading pieces are concerned, I will definitely use the Genesis, the first book of the bible. Parable of the Sower is another book that I will reference to especially since it is my favorite reading assignment so far. Other pieces I may use are The Hunger Games trilogy, The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood perhaps, and maybe The Gate to Women’s Country by Sheri S. Tepper. Some of the selections are subject to change once further research is conducted, but I think those I mentioned are good starting points. I’m going to try my best to pinpoint a few subtopics that will reinforce or “backup” my first idea, which is the “importance of women” in apocalyptic writings to avoid vagueness. I may even use Revelation or Stone Lives as examples, but only further research will determine that decision.