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Essay 2: Propose topic for research and reading essay on personal / professional topic of your choice

LITR 4368
Literature of the Future  

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Laura Wilson

Women in SF

          For my Research and Reading Essay I would like to explore the role of women in literature of the future, or more accurately, the lack of strong female characters. Why so few leading ladies, and what does that say about a genre that is supposedly progressive? Is it progressive? Female protagonists seem much more prevalent in young adult dystopian fiction, and in graphic novels, but are hard to come by in regular novels and stories. Id like to look into the history of women in SF, and explore some of the reasons why they are lacking, if indeed that is the case.

          Out of the stories we have read so far Id like to look at Lauren in Parable of the Sower and the representation of Alice and June in Stone Lives, though I am looking forward to reading The Time Machine. I would like to look into any existing scholarly articles on the topic, and find some examples of stories from both sides of my argument. Generally Id like to limit my search to the last hundred years or so, but it might be interesting to look at the representation of Eve in Genesis and see if that evolved into a general misrepresentation of women in SF, not just the creation/apocalypse narrative.