(2017 premidterm assignment)

Index to model student premidterm answers 2017

(alphabetical order)

LITR 4368  
Literature of the Future 

Model Assignments


Essay 1: Compare, contrast, and evaluate Narratives of the Future (to be extended in midterm) 

Tanner House, Comparative Futures

Katie Morin, Destiny Defined: Analyzing Narratives of the Future

Clark Omo, The Future Duo: The Links Between the Two Narratives

Laura Wilson, Back to the Future




Essay 2: Propose and defend topic for research and reading essay on personal/professional topic of your choice (to be extended in midterm and final exam) 

Greg Bellomy, Wells and Butler talk Economics

Kelsie Cavazos, Sexuality of the Future

Tanner House, Artificial Extinction

Stephanie Matlock, Low-Tech Dystopias

Katie Morin, The Face of the Future: Octavia Butler

Sarah Nava, Disease at World’s End

Anari Oliver, The Importance of Women in Apocalyptic Writing

Laura Wilson, Women in SF