Literature of the Future syllabus detail

Final Grade Report

Final grades will be submitted to the registrar according to normal procedures; each student will also receive by individual email a record of their grades. This message should be accurate but is “unofficial” in that none of its information aside from the final grade will be recorded or supported by the university registrar. The message will appear thus:

LITR 4632 Literature of the Future 2011


Contact information (email, US Mail, phones, etc.)


Quiz grades:

Midterm grade:

Presentation / participation grade:

Final exam grade:

Course grade:


Welcome to follow-up, email back, confer, either soon or in future semesters.

Final Grade Report will include quiz #12, otherwise unreturned unless you come by

 presentation(s) / participation grade under normal circumstances won't hurt or change grade much. Sometimes a student who struggles with writing is especially helpful in seminar meetings, so that part of grade may count more

Participation doesn't automatically equal amount of talk in class but also tracking, parlaying or application of previous comments to advance discussion


Generally shorter notes than midterm (o a o time-pressure + students' potential indifference)

If you want more feedback, email or otherwise contact

Sample final exams or excerpts will be posted

If you want any of your materials removed or rendered anonymous, just email me specifically what to do