Web Highlights

sample web highlights from 2007

sample web highlights from 2005

Designated student leads class to midterm or final samples from Model Assignments and reviews outstanding or impressive passages as models for upcoming assignments.

This informal presentation may lead to discussion, but a question is not required. The main point is to identify successful answers and provide brief analysis of what works in the passages highlighted.

The student is required only to find a passage or two before the class meeting, to use the class computer to find and highlight the passage, read it over with the class, and to comment about why this passage was chosen and what was learned from it, or how it might have been improved.

The student presenter may lead discussion for a few minutes, but the instructor will take over eventually.

Discussion questions may be broad or general; e.g., "Did anyone see anything else worth commenting on?" or "If you were grading this passage, what kind of positive or negative criticism might you offer?"

Postings are welcome, but students may also simply navigate to the webpages in Model Assignments.