LITR 5535: American Romanticism

Index to Sample Student Midterms, fall 2003

Listed below are links to copies of papers submitted for the course midterm assignment. These papers are provided to serve as models for future students. For readability and general quality, the instructor has lightly edited these papers, and some students made revisions of their own before posting. However, a few editing problems may remain.

Holly Anderson, "Individual in Nature, the Captivity Narrative, and Gothic Environment"

Mary Arnold, "Noble Warrior vs. Bloodthirsty Savage:  The Romantic Idealization of American Indians in Early American Literature"

Charley Bevill, "The Romantic Journey Toward Transcendence"

Marion F. Carpenter Jr., "All In Spirit: Hauntings as a Gothic Mode in Romantic Literature "

April Davis, "Crossing Boundaries"

Sherry Evard, "Religion and Spirituality as a Theme of Idealism in American Romanticism"

Nancy Gordy, "The Sublime, Pain and Pleasure: Boundaries Between Nature and Society"

Yvonne Hopkins, "Nature's Place in American Romanticism"

Emily Islam, "Distinction by Appearance: The Individual as Separate from the Masses in American Romantic Literature"

Kina Lara, "The Recurrent Element of Desire and Loss for Women in American Romanticism"

Chris Lucas, "The Quest"

Rosalyn K. Mack, " The Geography of Early American Romanticism"

Emily Masterson, "American Romanticism in Cooper’s Last of the Mohicans: An Escalating Rebellion Against Gender Conventions of the Previous Era"

Theresa Matthews, "Gothic Romanticism in the American Renaissance"

Sheila Newell, "God in Nature a Suggestion of Transcendentalism"

Thomas Parker, "The Conflict Between the Spiritual and Intellectual Ideals of America and Its Materialistic Nature in Pre-Romantic and Romantic Texts"

April Patrick, "Eaten, Lost, Transformed: Dissolving Boundaries in American Romanticism"

Kristy Pawlak, "The Changing Attitudes Towards God, Nature, and Man in American Romanticism"

Simone Rieck, "Nature and the Gothic in American Romantic Literature"

Ashley Salter, "Convergence of Romantic Narrative and Captivity Narrative in The Last of the Mohicans "

Sawsan Sanjak, "Romantic Literature: The Innocent and the Dark Gothic"

Mindi Swenson, "The Romantic Spirit of the Journey "