LITR 5535: American Romanticism

Index to Student Midterm Submissions 2005

Mary Brooks, "In the Space Between Rests the Sublime"

Danny Corrigan, "American Romanticism and the Desire to Return to the Garden"

Michelle Gooding, "The American Gothic: A New Individual and Space"

Bob Hoffman, "Romanticism: The Creation of a New Reality"

Karen Locklear, "Lesson Learned within Desire and Loss"

Matt Mayo, "The Heroic Individual of American Romanticism "

Gina L. Pendola, "Black vs. White in Gothic Romance: The Gray Area"

Phil Thrash, "American Romanticism in The United States of America, 'Red, White, and Black,' Cultural Issues of America: Racially Divided but Historically Connected"

Joni Thrasher, "Rebellion in American Romanticism"

Marcia Toalson, "Romanticism:  Isolation and Separation"