LITR 5535: American Romanticism

Index to Student Midterm Submissions 2006

copy of midterm assignment
Develop an aspect of one of the course objectives.  Describe how two or three early American texts from our assigned readings through Cooper exemplify the development of an aspect of Romanticism and how their contributions converge in The Last of the Mohicans, making it a classic or normative text of American Romanticism.

Kristen Bird, "The Idealization and Heroism of Women in Romantic Literature"

Andrew Coleman, "The American Romantic Spirit:  Man Becoming a Part of Nature"

Angela Douglas, "The Spirit of the True American Romantic Heroine"

Devon Kitch, "The Romanticized American Identity: Moral / Spiritual vs. Sensory / Materialistic"

Gordon Lewis, "The Romantic Spirit of America"

Sharon Lockett, "The Sublime:  A Coveted Escape from Reality"

Leigh Ann Moore, "The American Gothic"

Aaron Morris, "Encountering the Sublime Wilderness"

Diane Palmer, "Breaking the Mold: Romanticism and the Creation of the Super Mom"

Corey Porter, "Eighteen of Nineteen: How Cooper Fails to Express the Sublimity of Nature"

Crystal Reppert, "Romanticism as Racial Justification"

Jo Lynn Sallee, "Desire and Loss Portrayed Through the Timeless Language of Nature"

Tish Wallace, "Gothic Wilderness: An Analogy to American Experience"

Chris Wissel, "Reason is Not Enough: Romanticism's Emergence in Colonial America"

Bill Wolfe, "A Unique Canvas: The American Romantic Landscape"