American Romanticism: Index to Sample Final Exam Answers 2008

copy of final exam

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1.  Why do “desire and loss” re-appear so frequently in American Romantic texts . . . ?

Christine Ford, Exploring Desire and Loss Across Time, Gender, and Race

2. How has American Romanticism continued or changed in post-Romantic American literature?

Kristin Hamon, Residual Effects of Romanticism: Understanding the Rhetoric of the “Common Man”

3. How is the European literary movement of Romanticism transformed by multi-racial America?

Kathryn Hebert, Romantic Narratives in a Diverse America

4. Review and evaluate varieties of the Gothic encountered this semester.

Ron Burton, The Gothic Other (Single-Essay Option)

6.  How did this course influence or reflect your experience as a student and / or teacher of American Romanticism?

Kristin Hamon, Understanding Romanticism: The Long and Winding Road

Ayme Christian, Rags to Riches: My Personal Journey of Transcendence from romance to Romanticism

Cory Owen, Horizons Expanded: What I Learned

8. One-essay option: Instead of two essays, write one long essay (at least a dozen paragraphs) reviewing and unifying your learning experience and outcomes for American Romanticism.

(A few one-essays are scattered to other questions, but here are three unique topics.)

Donny Wankan, Columbus to Whitman: Romantic Trends in American History

Tanya Stanley, Broadening the Romanticism Horizon: Looking Beyond Transcendence, Sublimity, and Defiance

Bundy Fowler-Bowers, Desire and Loss: The Precursors of the Sublime and the Transcendental