American Literature: Romanticism

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Student Research Submissions 2016
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Research Essays

Peter Becnel, A Fantasy of the Real

Stephen Defferari, Reader-Response, Phenomenology, and the ‘Uncanny’ in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown”

Caryn Livingston, Emily Dickinson’s Yearning: Desire and Loss in Lyric Poetry


Research Journals

Liz Davis, Society's Strange Obession with Poe

Jessica Myers, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Total Depravity

Research Posts

Michael Osborne
1st post: Men without Enough Past: Exploring Hawthorne’s Influence on H.P. Lovecraft
2nd post: 
The Dread Grimoire: Did Hawthorne Inspire the Necronomicon?

Umaymah Shahid
1st post: Poe's Gothic and Psychological Terror
2nd post: What's Up with Food?







1st post:

2nd post: