LITR 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias




19th- and

early 20th-Century

American Utopias

(experimental communities)

round barn, Shaker village at Hancock, MA


Oneida Community

Noah Berlatsky, Many Men and Many Women: How a Sect Redefined Marriage 165 Years Ago., 24 April 2013

The Oneida Community (New York History Net)

Oneida Community Mansion House: A Living Museum

Oneida Community Collection at Syracuse University Library + Photos

Oneida Flatware + corporate history of Oneida Community



National Park Service on 19th-century American Utopias + Shakers


New Harmony (Indiana)

Historic New Harmony

overview of New Harmony history

New Harmony scientists, educators, writers & artists


Amana Colonies

Amana Colonies: National Park Service website

Amana History (Amana Heritage Society)

The Community of True Inspiration (Amana religion)


Additional sites for Eunice Renteria presentation, summer 2015 Oneida Community : Complex Marriage : The Last of the Shakers :Shaker Meadows website Top 10 Dystopian Movies 

Campanella's City of the Sun