LITR 5439 Literary & Historical Utopias

Web Review

Before assigned class meeting, student web reviewer “tours” assigned websites and video possibilities.

Student may add 1 or 2 additional websites--either send them to instructor for posting or key them in during presentation. (Email links later?)

Format (variable)--welcome seminar questions or input at any point

  • Overview links and materials available; preview learning, objectives.

  • Select 1-3 websites & review organization, contents, and highlights; sample video passages as appropriate.

  • Summarize learning from review of websites.

  • Refer to 1 or 2 objectives somewhere in presentation.

  • Look over Research Posts beforehand for any that connect to topic; if so, brief review. 

  • Invite questions or comments from seminar, or connect to other seminar interests; ask broad questions.

(Students besides presenter are welcome to preview the sites and suggest new ones.)

More on discussion questions: Since materials are new to most students, avoid overly specific questions except as inspired.

Possible questions (variations taken for granted):

"Were any of you familiar with any of this content before? How?"

"What problems or issues are raised relative to utopias?"

"Any other objectives? Terminology issues?"

Sometimes only the instructor jumps to answer, so be prepared to rephrase questions or broaden: "Anything else of interest?"