LITR 5731: Seminar in American Minority Literature

Index to final exam submissions, fall 2004

 copy of final exam assignment

Jennie Branch (undergraduate), "Assimilation vs. Resistance in Native American Literature" & "Mexican American Literature: Assimilation vs. Resistance"

Danny Corrigan, “A Brief Analysis of African American, Native American and Mexican American Origin Stories” & “The Importance of Families in Mexican American Literature”

Susan Cummings, "Assimilation & Resistance in Native American & Mexican American Literature" & "Anglo in Minority Land"

Brendan Foley, "“Class Issues in the Ambivalent Minority” & “'Queering the Frontier': Finding a Place in The Best Little Boy in The World"

James Hood, "Native American Literature: A Narrative of Loss and Survival" & "Mexican American Literature: A Narrative of Assimilation, Resistance and Ambivalence"

Nicole Jackson, "The Culturalization of Race: Ambiguity in American Minority Literature" & "The New [Trans Migrant] American"

Kristy Pawlak, original option 1: "Mexican-Americans: Where do they really fit?" & “The Wounded Family of the Native Americans”

Michael Russo, "American Indian Alternative to American Dream" & "Mexican Americans as Ambivalent Minority"