LITR 5731 Seminar in American Multicultural Literature: Minority

Index to selected final exam submissions, spring 2006

copy of final exam assignment

Patricia (Pat) Dixon, "Personal Reflections on American Minority Literature: My Journey to Understanding" & "What’s at Issue? The Recurring Argument"

Leah Guillory, "Minority Literature: A Fascinating Experience"

Jennifer Jones, "Seminar in American Minority Literature – The Experience" & "Cultural History and Fiction"

Philip Jones, "African American and Gay: The Challenges, Obstacles, and Victories of Living as a Double Minority" & "Literary Representations of American Culture"

Gordon Lewis, "Minority Literature--a Personal Reflection" & "The Mexican American – Caught Between Two Worlds"

Gary Pegoda, "Where are the Indians, and if We See Them, How Will We Know?" & "Concepts of Imagination and Personality Emerging from Studies of Minority Literature"

Corey Porter, “'I Choo-Choo-Choose You!' or, Quotes from The Simpsons Used as Final Exam Titles" & “'Me Fail English? That’s Umpossible.' or, Cultural Relevance in Understanding Literature"

Kathleen Anderson, "My Experience with the Issue of Class in American Minority Literature"