LITR 5731: Seminar in
American Minority Literature
University of Houston-Clear Lake, Fall 2001
Index to Sample Student Midterms

Below are links to midterm essay exams completed for this course. These midterms appear as submitted. In some cases, transmissions between incompatible softwares stripped out paragraphing, underlines, italics, etc. Therefore these projects may contain errors in editing and format in addition to those attributable to human error. These copies are posted, however, so that students in this course may share their work with each other and students in future courses may see the possible range of topics for a course of this nature.

Students whose work is represented below are invited to submit edited versions to replace these submissions, but such upgrades are not required.

Donnette Arnold, "A Dream in Various Forms"

Rachel Boyle, "First Memories, Hope, and Last Straws: The journey through each characters' defining moments"

Andrea Dunn, "Larger than Literacy: Reconstructing the American Dream in African American Literature"

Tara Edwards, "Education in African American Literature"

Erin Gouner, "Ain't I a Woman?"

Jamie Grayson, "Racial Superiority"

Linda Harvey, "Voices to Freedom"

Linda Higginbotham, "Search for Personal Freedom"

Chris Lucas, "The Role of Extended Families in Minority Literature"

David Miller, "Gains and Losses: Levels of Literacy in African-American Literature"

Becky Nelson, "Religion in the Writings of Linda Brent, Toni Morrison, and Sapphire A Movement Toward Inclusive Spirituality"

Jill Petersen, "Whitewashing Cultures: The Effects of White Culture on African American Culture as Seen in Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Song of Solomon, and Push

Jill Reioux, "Literature, Literacy, and Language"

Sancar Sallanti, "Minorities within Minorities"

Michelle Stephenson, "The Dream vs. The American Dream: The African American Experience"

Philonis Stevenson, "Not Immigrants but a Fraudulent Colonized Minority: Assimilation or Resistance?"

Jennifer Thurik, "A Dream Revised"