LITR 5731 Seminar in American Multicultural Literature

Index to Student Research Projects, spring 2006

Karen Daniel, journal: "The Literary and Social Implications of Passing and Crossing Inter-Racial Color Lines"

Anuruddha Ellakkala, journal: "From Free Land to Reservations, from Reservations to Museums"

Giselle Hewitt, journal: "Minorities and Authority: A Strained Relationship"

Karen Hrametz, journal: "Giving Voice to the Voiceless"

Devon Kitch, journal: "Multiculturalism: Understanding and Middle ground"

Danielle Lynch-Masterson, journal: "Mexican-American Literature:
Does ambivalent minority status lead to ambivalence in relationships?"

Sara Moreau (undergraduate), journal: "Quilts and the Underground Railroad for Children"

Kim Pritchard, essay: "The Alternative Community as a Redefinition of the Traditional in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon"

Crystal Reppert, journal: "The Search for Mexican-American Role Models in Literature"

Roxane Richter, journal: "Religious Syncretism in American Minorities: Assimilation, Survival or Bartered Devotion?"