LITR 5731 Seminar in
Multicultural Literature: American Minority

Index to Student Research Projects

Spring 2010

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Research Posts

research essay

Deanna Scott, American Dream + American Assimilation = Social Segregation

research journal

Melissa Garza, Writing about the "Other"

Jennifer Rios Huebenthal, Americanizing Foreign Names

*Laura Mosely, Literacy & Minority Cultures: Friend or Foe?

*Tanya Stanley, Juxtaposing the African Flying Myth between Tradition and Technology

research conference proposal and presentation 

Catherine Louvier, The Lady Speaks: Giving Voice to Our Lady of Guadalupe

*Helena Suess, Combat Experience: Class Politics in Autobiographies of American Soldiers

Omar Syed & Suzan Damas, Projecting Ethnic Identity Onto Inanimate Objects





Denielle Alexander
1st posting: African American Women: How Colorism Affects their Self-Esteem
2nd posting: 
African American women: the roles skin color plays in literature

*Sarah McCall DeLaRosa
1st posting: American Slave Literature
2nd posting: Motherhood in American Slave Literature

*Christine Ford
1st posting: Golliwog: The Most Popular Children’s Toy You’ve Never Heard Of
2nd posting: Golliwogs in Children's Literature

*Juan Garcia
1st posting: Mexican American Immigration Stories & the English Language
2nd posting: 
Mexican American Immigration Stories & Staying Mexican

*Julie Garza
1st posting: Dartmouth College: The Native American Indian Lives
2nd posting: Culture & Identity in Mexican American Literature: Rudolfo Anaya's Bless Me, Ultima

*Samuel Mathis
1st posting: The Presence of Song in Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon
2nd posting: 
Beat the Drums: The Changing Rhythm of Native American Music

*Rachel Risinger
1st posting: All the Money in the World Will Not Buy You Any Class
2nd posting: Class Blindness: Incendiary or Benign?

*Mallory Rogers
1st posting: A Forced Issue: Diabetes in Native Americans
2nd posting: 
A Forced Issue II: Diabetes in Mexican Americans

Amy Sidle
1st posting: Because Not Every Author is an Old, White Guy: Why We Read Minority Literature
2nd posting: What Really Happened: Exploring Minority Literature through Nonfiction

Barbara Trevino
1st posting: Minority Literature as Epic
2nd posting: Minority Literature in the Middle Grade Classroom




1st posting: 
2nd posting: