LITR 5734: Colonial & Postcolonial Literature

Index to Student Film Presentations 2005

Tuesday, 30 August: Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness, pp. 3-54 (up to part III); Chinua Achebe, "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's Heart of Darkness," Norton Critical Edition of Heart of Darkness, pp. 251-262

·        film highlight: Apocalypse Now

presenter: Michael Russo


Tuesday, 20 September: Take-home midterm due within 72 hours of class meeting. Conclude discussion of Things Fall Apart (through p. 209; complete); Kirsten Holst Petersen, "Problems of a Feminist Approach to African Literature" (handout); Walt Whitman, "Passage to India" (handout); begin Forster’s Passage to India, section I (“Mosque”), chapters 1-3, pp. 3-34.

·        film highlight: Passage to India (d. David Lean, 1984)

presenter: Georgeann Ward

Tuesday, 4 October: complete Forster, A Passage to India (through part III, "Temple"; 212-362)

film highlight: Hawaii (d. George Roy Hill, 1966)

presenter: Samantha McDonald

Tuesday, 11 October: Begin Train to Pakistan.

·        Film review: The Quiet American (d. Philip Noyce, 2002)

Reviewer: Aaron Morris

Tuesday, 8 November: begin Jasmine

film highlight: White Teeth (part 1)

presenter: Pauline Chapman


Tuesday, 15 November: conclude Jasmine

film highlight: White Teeth (part 2)

presenter: Tish Wallace