LITR 5731 Colonial-Postcolonial Literature               

                                        Research Posts 2009  

Research Post Assignment

Instructor's choice: 

Aaron Schneider
1st posting: The Colors of Colonization: Same Name, Same Game
2nd posting: Foreign Missionaries: The Combining of the “Self” and the “Other”

Tim Assel
1st posting: Bringing Marxism into a Dialogue with Post-Colonial Studies
2nd posting: Civil Disobedience: Forcing a Post-Colonial Dialogue

Charles Colson
1st posting: Magic Realism: Latin American Postcolonial Literature?
2nd posting: Indigenismo as Latin American Postcolonial Literature

Sarah DeLaRosa
1st posting: Exploring the Connection Between Colonial and Postcolonial Literature Studies and Contact Zone Theory
2nd posting: Brief Survey of Research Done in Irish Colonial and Postcolonial Literature

Chrisoula Mouliatis
1st posting: 
Mother-daughter, Colonizer-colonized
2nd posting: 
Isabel Allende and the Importance of the Female Voice

Abby Estillore
1st posting: Film and Postcolonialism
2nd posting: Exoticism and Construction of Beauty In Post-Colonial Studies

Melissa Hollman
1st posting: The Effects of Colonialism on Caribbean Cuisine
2nd posting: Our Emotional Attachment to Food: A Postcolonial Perspective

Weldon Mercer
1st posting: 
Effects of Caribbean Slavery
2nd posting: Colonial, Postcolonial, and Racism in Africa

Debbie Sasser
1st posting: 
Pico Iyer: Post-Colonial Travel Writer
2nd posting: 
Pico Iyer on Post-Colonialism and the Sense of Home












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2nd posting: 


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