LITR 5731 Colonial-Postcolonial Literature 2009                     

              Research Projects & Essays                              


Instructor's choice: 

Allen Reid, essay: Jasmine: A Story of Self-Evolution

Camille Buxton, journal: Building on the Ruins: The Remnants of Colonization and Signs of Modernization

Leah Guillory, essay: Othelloís Mimicry and Ambivalence

Kenyatta Gray, essay: 9/11 and Colonial-Postcolonial Literature:  The Legacy of Colonialism on the Postcolonial World

Courtney Heintzelman, journal: Female Transnational Migrants: Maids, Nannies, and Sex-Trafficking

Catherine Louvier, journal: Imagining Empire: Changing Perceptions of Colonial Expansion from The Tempest to Robinson Crusoe

Barbara Trevino, journal: Perspectives of Colonialismís Effect on Women

Paula Tyler, essay: Clash of Identities: The Effects of Double Consciousness Due to Colonization