Index to Student Research
submissions 2013

(2013 research options)

LITR 5831 World Literature



Research Posts

Jacob McCleese
Research post 1: Religion and War
Research post 2: White Stripes Turned Black: American Imperialism in the Philippines

Valerie Mead
Research post 1: Crusoe's Cannibals: Fact or Fiction?
Research post 2: The Darker Side of Human Nature: Cannibals, Consumption, and Crusoe

Jenna Zucha
Research post 1: Aboriginal Australia: Finding the Spirit of Stolen Generations
Research post 2: Violence against Women in India

Research Journals

Lori Arnold, Forsterís Disruption of the Self / Other Binary through Saidís Theories

Marichia Wyatt, What is Orientalism?

Research Essays

Gregory Buchanan, Critiquing Intersectional Analysis: A Postcolonial Feminist Reading of Jasmine and Lucy

Oyinna Ogbonna, Exploring the Relationships between Contemporary Transnational Migration from Nigeria to the West and Capitalism through Colonial and Postcolonial Novels and Literary Theory

Kristine Vermillion, Literary Suicides: Pamela and Jasmine