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Maps of North America

North America
w/o national divisions


Seeing America as a creation of European-Atlantic expansion
orients North American history to an East-to-West dynamic
corresponding to Western Civilization

Indian Empires of Central and South America

Knowledge of Central and South American Indians and New Spain
re-orients American history to a South-to-North dynamic

(with opposition taking form of "Build a Wall")

Colonial North America (1700s)

early European-Atlantic settlements


"Virginia" (red) and "New England" (green) as formed by grants by English King James I in 1606.
These overlapping divisions formed enduring differences in American cultural-geographic identity:
New England = Puritans, Yankees, liberals, abolitionists
Virginia (and South generally) = Cavaliers, Rebels, conservatives, slavery

USA 1803

USA (early 1800s, a generation after Independence)

growth of cities in Antebellum USA

thanks to

US Civil War, 1861-65










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