Some of what I do when I'm not grading, reading, writing, cooking, chasing after Dyuman (or having him chase after me):

Masaai Scene, ceramic, June 2005
adapted from We all went on Safari: A counting journey through Tanzania, Illustrated by Julia Cairns

More kids hanging off trees! This is a copy on tile of a postcard I found in Alaska, painted by Rie Munoz (1980).

Krishna, on glass with crushed foil background (1999)

To the Left: Banyan on glass (and thus began my fascination with trees and the lives lived around them), 2003

[Thanks to a few too many unauthorized "borrowings" of the banyan image, some commercial, some not, I've disabled copying from this page & request that anyone interested in using my images please write me: deepareddy[at] gmail[dot]com. I don't bite!]

To the right: Mango tree on glass, 2004

Blue Bowl with cherry blossoms, 2005

switch plate with forest scene, 2004

Blue cherry blossom tile, 2005

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